Mama Highlight: Ashlee Hastings

How long have you been a part of F4M & what got you started?

Since March 2018

Names & ages of your children? Share one fun thing about each!

Quinn just turned ONE!

Who is your spouse? How long have you been together?

My husband Nate gets to work from home as a computer programmer

Before joining our village and before having children, what kept you busy?

We are avid theater goers and still have season tickets to all the broadway shows that come thru Portland. Also 3 months before we found out we were pregnant we brought home a 8 week old sassy red Irish setter, who has next level octane energy!

What are 3 words a good friend would use to describe you?

Passionate, persistent & loyal

Why are you passionate about FIT4MOM?

It’s an amazing way to get your day going to get and up & out of the house to meet other moms who have been or are going thru the same things you are. Also moms NEED husband/baby free nights out!

Tell us how Motherhood changed you?

I think I’m definitely a lot better at adapting to what is instead of what I plan or envision things to be (if that makes any sense.) I a bit more cautious & slightly anxious than I was pre-kiddo, I'm a lot more aware of the big protective Mama bear moments. My husband tells me I’m a lot more motivated & patient than I was pre-baby

Why should a new mom join FIT4MOM Cedar Mill:

Because you need a village you can call your own, one who will support you wherever you are on your journey.