Mama Highlight: Becky Kingsmith

How long have you been a part of F4M & what got you started?

I started Stroller Strides in April 2013 after the birth of my first son. I was looking for a way to be active and get some exercise in with my new baby during my maternity leave. I've always preferred getting my workouts in through a class or a team sport versus going to the gym or going for a run. FIT4MOM was a great way to get in a workout and meet other moms. When I went back to work I started doing Body Back which is my favorite thing ever! It's and awesome work out, great people, and provides a nice little slice of me time. Then when I got pregnant with my second son last winter, I did Fit4Baby. And now that I'm on maternity leave again, I'm back to Stroller Strides. As you can see, I'm a pretty dedicated Fit4mommer!

Names & ages of your children? Share one fun thing about each!

Arlo, 5 1/2 years old - his favorite color is rainbow - why limit yourself to one color if you don't have to! Oscar, 2 1/2 month old - he just started laughing which is just the best.

Who is your spouse? How long have you been together?

Jesse King, been together 12 years and married 8 years.

Before joining our village and before having children, what kept you busy?

I used to do cool Portlandy things like go to concerts, trendy restaurants, and bars. While I'm still able to do these things every now and then, it's definitely not every weekend like I used to. My husband and I met playing Ultimate Frisbee, so I used to consume a lot of my time playing in different leagues and tournaments. We both still play Ultimate, although not quite as much, and now we just bring the kids along.

What are 3 words a good friend would use to describe you?

Tenacious, quick-witted, and resourceful

Why are you passionate about FIT4MOM?

I love a great workout in a social setting! I also really appreciate the different programs available that have catered to the different phases of my life. Stroller Strides has been great for maternity leave when my kids are little and need to be with me all the time. Body Back provided that intense workout in the evenings once the kids are off to bed and I needed a little time to dedicate to my own health and well being. And Fit4Baby helped me stay strong and active during my pregnancy (which I needed for that 35 hour labor and delivery!).

Tell us how Motherhood changed you?

I have learned a lot about patience. I thought I was pretty patient, especially after teaching high school for 8 years, but having kids really forced me to take those calming breathes and reminds me that I don't need to have control over everything. For a Type A person like me, that hasn't been easy, but I'm definitely better for it.

Why should a new mom join FIT4MOM Cedar Mill:

When I first became a mom, I knew that I wanted to remain active and be a good example for my kids. FIT4MOM not only provides a good workout, but also a great community of women who are either going through the same thing as you or have already been there, done that. I've received so much great advice, compassion, and laughs with the women in the FIT4MOM Cedar Mill community.