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Mama Highlight: Miranda Dixit

Miranda Dixit

How long have you been a part of F4M & what got you started?

I have been a part of F4M for almost a year now! Though that’s crazy to me because it seems like forever (in a good way!)!

Names & ages of your children? Share one fun thing about each!

Ravi - he’s 13.5 months - And he has recently learned to give those hugely, open mouthed kisses but they are the sweetest kisses ever; and he loves to “sing” when we sing (which is just him yelling in an adorable tone)

Who is your spouse? How long have you been together?

My husband is Pushkar Dixit (my sexy, mountain climbing, engineer); and we have been together for almost 3 amazing, fun, and whirlwind years now ️ He is my rock, and without his care and love for me (and our son); I don’t know what I’d do!

Before joining our village and before having children, what kept you busy?

Teaching yoga (thank God I’ve gotten back to that); rocking climbing and climbing mountains with my hubby (haven’t been able to get back into that yet); and in general being outside as much as possible (the year before we got pregnant with our son, we went on 63 hikes! This one we are working on)!

What are 3 words a good friend would use to describe you?

Loving Nurturing Dedicated

Why are you passionate about FIT4MOM?

Fit4Mom is just the most amazing thing to happen to motherhood! When I first became a Mom I had no idea what to expect; but I did not anticipate the loneliness and overwhelmedness that I felt (especially from also becoming a SAHM). I quickly joined a Mom’s group online but I still needed more. Thankfully a Mom in that group invited me to check out a Stroller Strides class during free week! I came to class (outside (which was also a huge plus)), Kira was teaching, and her genuine warmth and friendly, fun nature told me I was in the right place. Throw in how open, kind, and welcoming everyone else was... and I just knew I had found my tribe, my community; I had finally found my safe space; to learn and grow and walk with others, as a Mom and a woman ️ And in no way has any aspect of the Fit4Mom community ever let me down and I’m involved in multiple areas of it!

Tell us how Motherhood changed you?

Omg. How to even begin to answer that... I have never been a selfish person; but I never knew just how much of myself (in my entirety) and my time, and sometimes my sanity (kidding/not kidding), etc, the list goes on and on; that I would be willing to give up, until I had our son. It’s taught me to have more patience; it’s taught me to loosen up some; it’s letting me see the world through the eyes of innocence and joy. Being a Mom is something I had wanted to be my entire life; but I could have never have grasped how life changing it would be; or how so very much I love Ravi and what I am capable and willing to do for his happiness and health.

Why should a new mom join FIT4MOM Cedar Mill:

Because she doesn’t know that it’s what she needs... but it is!!! For real It gets you and your little one (little ones) out of the house (and for half of the year it gets you outside); Mama gets a workout in; Mamas and kiddos get to socialize; on Saturdays and occasionally other days, Dads can come with you guys to class too; there are so many events - play dates and crafts for the kids; Mom’s nights out or Mom’s nights in for Mom; etc, etc. There are so many aspects/classes of FIT4MOM, there is something for EVERY Mom!