Mama Highlight: Tanya Bain

How long have you been a part of F4M & what got you started?

Almost 3 years, my first class was April 10, 2016

Names & ages of your children? Share one fun thing about each!

Owen, 5 years-old & Ethan 4, years-old // Owen is a social butterfly, he makes friends wherever he goes. Ethan, a.k.a. Ninji (his spin on Ninja), has quite the imagination and is always making people laugh.

Who is your spouse? How long have you been together?

Andrew Bain, we've been together for 10 years, married for 7 years

Before joining our village and before having children, what kept you busy?

I grew up in Minnesota, lived in WI & AZ and then lived in China. I traveled as much as I could and was fortunate to travel around Asia while living in China just prior to moving to Oregon and having my first child. My career has been in Human Resources and now I work in Strategy & Project Management at Adidas & as a Professional Coach. I enjoyed and still enjoy running.

What are 3 words a good friend would use to describe you?

Thoughtful, Strong, & Adventurous

Why are you passionate about FIT4MOM?

I love the community, which is filled with very smart, funny and strong women. I also love the workouts. I never thought I would wake up early for a 5:30 a.m. Body Back class, but it only took one class & Megan had me hooked. I am also enjoying Strides 360.

Tell us how Motherhood changed you?

I have always looked forward to becoming a mom and I love it. Although it is a lot to juggle, being a mom & working full-time has made me a better employee. I can prioritize with the best of them and have learned to use my time more wisely. Motherhood has also reminded me about what is important in life and to make choices to enjoy it. I always want to be a role model to my sons.

Why should a new mom join FIT4MOM Cedar Mill:

The community & of course the great workout. You will never regret it.